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SCUBAdventures has been servicing the Naples Florida area for 28 years! We offer dive equipment, servicing, lessons, and trips for divers of all levels. Owner, Kevin Sweeney, has been diving in the Naples, FL area since 1974, and decided to open his own dive store in 1993. Since our opening day, SCUBAdventures has certified thousands of divers and ran hundreds of dive trips all over the world. Expect to find professional quality snorkel and SCUBA equipment here. We fill both air and Nitrox tanks and do our own in-house equipment servicing. We also offer SCUBA certification classes from beginner to advanced levels. Please contact us today!

Learn to Dive!


Since 1993, our programs stress safety and being properly equipped. There are no short cuts to quality instruction and diving equipment systems. Our goal is quality customer service. We use the finest educational materials and diving equipment in our training programs and have of the most experienced Instructors in the area.  

All training is done by experienced SCUBAdventures instructors using SCUBAPRO and AQUA LUNG computerized diving systems with final training dives on the reefs of Key Largo Florida!

Upon successful completion you will be awarded the SDI Open water certification card-one of the most respected  certifications in the world!

Group classes start:


Start date             Night of week         Open water dive weekend          

April 20                      Sold Out                   May 8-9

May 5                           Sold Out                   June 5-6

May 6                           Sold Out                  May 22-23

May  27                       Sold Out                  June 12-13

June 16                       Sold Out                  July 17-18

June 22                       Tues/Thurs             July 10-11

July 8                          Tues/Thurs             July 24-25

July 21                        Weds                         August 21-22

July 27                       Sold out                    August 14-15

August 12                  Thurs/Tues             August 28-29

$200 Deposit required for reservations

Call 239-434-7477

Rescue Diver Course begins May 10th



Dive Trips

May 8-9      Key Largo student trip-Divers and snorkelers welcome

May 22        Gulf diving-The hole, Tower Paddle wheeler wreck

May 22-23 Key Largo student trip-Divers and snorkelers welcome

June 5-6     Key Largo student trip-Divers and snorkelers welcome

Our hours

Monday -Saturday

9 AM to 6 PM





Naples’ SCUBA and Snorkeling Headquarters

Join SCUBAdventures for the ultimate diving experience.


Digital Underwater Photography

Most photos on this site are taken by owner Kevin Sweeney over the years from our travel throughout the world! Under water photography is a very rewarding part of diving.

Memories of your adventures may be in your mind. but to relive them with photography is even better!